• Tactical Driver Instruction
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • 4x4 Off Road
  • Rally Racing and Performance Driving School

Rally School:

Redkoch Rally School is designed to elevate beginners and build the entire team's skill set from Primary Driver and Co-Driver fundementals through complex suspension and set-up.  Our Seasoned staff of professionals have years of racing experience with winning results.  Our 3.7 Mile technical Rally Course will challenge even the most experienced drivers.  Advanced classes for experienced drivers are also available with 1 to 1 instruction 


Testing and Evaluation: 

The Redkoch Team evaluates vehicles based on both client submitted criteria and Industry Recognized Standards.  Our team provides extensive data collection through experience driven scenerios and standard calibration testing.
Clients receive all charts, data, photos, video and narratives.  The entire process is centered around the "End User" prespective.  Clients recieve a professionally bound package containing both printed and electronic media.
Redkoch understands that only through objective real-world testing can safe, reliable Tactical Vehicles be created.  Our performance and endurance teting are second to none.

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