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Redkoch Courses and Open Enrollment
Redkoch is one-stop solution for all vehicle borne missions providing the complete spectrum of tactical training associated with mobile deployment. We offer standard packages but understand the specialist needs that exist and therefore we can cater the training for pre-deployment and to the mission brief.

We have the necessary skills and backgrounds, backed by first tier instructors to cascade quality training to clients from Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement as well as Private Sector and Corporate interests. In addition our open enrollment courses have been received well offering the same necessary skills for those who wish to have a broader understanding and skills set to deal with our ever changing world.

Tactical Driver Module – This package will equip the student to have a broad understanding of Systematic Vehicle Control™, the use of ocular driving, correct braking techniques (with and without ABS), precision steering techniques, weight transfer management, skid control and cognitive recognition planning. By applying the fundamental course skills the student will be a more instinctive and reactionary driver, students will be able to maneuver the vehicle safely to avoid an imminent roadway emergency. Students will develop and understand Continuous Feedback Driving while driving at a high rate of speed, clearly understanding cornering techniques and develop the ability to read an unknown roadway.

Evasive Driving Techniques Module – Will equip the tactical driver with a full set of evasive skills for that ‘hinge pin’ moment. The tactical driver will learn and apply techniques such as rapid reverse outs, breaching/ramming, J Turns and Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT). These skills will be applied in tactical scenarios allowing the student to recognize, plan, react and evade.

Unimproved Road Module –This module of training will heighten the students’ awareness and skills to operate a vehicle utilizing more than just their sight. This course will give the student a greater understanding of systematic vehicle control on a non-constant traction surface. This module allows the student to master skills necessary for tactically efficient operation at speed in a low traction environment.

Off-Road and Specialty Vehicle Driver Training – This is not a ride along course, this is a hands on 4x4 driving and recovery course. Students will have a greater understanding of the 4x4 drive train, mechanical operation, and vehicle gearing, advanced off road driving, recovery techniques and field-expedient repair that will help to insure mission success regardless of the terrain in which you operate.

Off-Road Motorcycle / LTATV - Redkoch utilizes the most current CanAm® Commander MAX DPS 1000 and Polaris®900 MRZR2 Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicles in conjunction with Tactical KTM® 450 XC-W and Honda® Mamba MX-250 motorcyles to execute the industries most challanging off-road mobility training.  Our Motorcycle/LTATV instructors are former U.S. Military Special Forces operators with actual recent combat experience and are considered the world's foremost top tier subject matter experts.  

Mobile/Combat Firearms (CFT) - We use vehicles on a daily basis we need to know how to deploy from them, shoot around and through them (Windshield), Ballistic Characteristics of both 'soft' and armored platforms. Range time will develop the students combat shooting; give them the confidence and skills to deploy from any vehicle platform in any environment.
The Redkoch Mobile Training Team - The team can deliver training around the world. The team is flexible and unfazed by new locations, leading to quality of site training as if it was our home base.

Course pricing immediatley available upon request. Pricing is course specific and driven by the client's training requirements.

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