"I thought the course was very informational as well as practical, along with that the course was a lot of fun and had great instructors."

SOCOM Special Forces Operator


"Training has high practical value, as well as a high probility of cognitive recognition.  Improves and allows for increase in speed to futher demonstrate the need for advance hazard recognition"

Roxboro NC Police Officer


"Good course, what seperates this course from the others, in my opinion, have been the little things, quality lodging, quality food, good facilities.  Also, the shooting and driving was unique to this course which seperated this school from others.  A lot of schools teach Tactical Driving but these little things made Redkoch a step above"

SOCOM Special Forces Operator


I greatly appreciated the opportunity to go through the course.  I learned alot in the time alloted, I was able to improve my driving skills from the instruction given to me.  The instructors were very knowledgeable and gave me great input"

Virginia State Police Trooper

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